Delivering a great guest experience is a full time, all the time job.

Want to deliver a great guest experience? Think like a large hospitality company. After all, they ensure a responsive guest environment by staffing around the clock, ready to suit their guests� every need at every turn.

Of course, there is one problem. They are large companies, with equally large revenues. How can a Vacation Rental Manager provide similar service with less revenue? We�ll get to that.

The important thing to remember is, that no matter if you�re a small company or a large company, delivering a great guest experience is the key to present and future success. (After all, they�re the ones giving you money.)

As the vacation rental industry grows, so does the number of cases where owners don�t have the staff or resources necessary to deliver a consistent, enjoyable experience before, during and after the guest�s stay.

For example:

– Guests expect a seamless experience in terms of communication, product quality and service delivery.

– Inexperienced vacation rental guests may need a higher level of attention, which offers the potential for repeat visits.�A lack of attention, due to time constraints or inadequate staffing, can not only result in lost opportunities for you, but for the industry as a whole. Especially considering the impact consumer reviews via websites and social media have.

– The bar is rising in terms of customer service. After all, large travel companies and brands are getting into the game, and they�ll be laser focused on making sure their customers are taken care of and get what they are promised.�

So how can you offer the service level of a large hospitality brand, with the budget of a vacation rental? We have the answer.

We�re RealVoice. We offer real, live professionals ready to chat with your customers on your behalf whenever they need us, 24/7/365. Whether it�s making reservations, reporting maintenance issues or kindly following up with guests before, during and after their stay, we help you keep a focus on service at all times.

Plus, we can provide ratings by real guests, for real guests, satisfaction surveys and a number of other customer care services, all so your guests know that what they see is what they get.

The best part? Our services are a la carte, so you can build a package that best fits your vacation rental and your budget. And, oh yeah, forgot one thing: you don�t pay a dime until we book a reservation.

In your face, large hospitality revenues.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call at 877-GET-REAL and talk to a real person, or email us now.