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RealVoice has been an absolute dream for our small local team! We were inundated with calls from guests after business hours until we partnered with RealVoice. The RealVoice agents are wonderful on the phones, and accurately relay information to our guests such as lockbox or WiFi information, and they can also take new reservations. This has been a game-changer for us. Guests love that they can speak with a live person anytime, and we have seen an increase in revenue which is generated from guests who book over the phone after business hours. The best part is that RealVoice will reach out to our local team if there is an emergency situation or something that needs to be escalated. They also work seamlessly with our software when booking reservations and handling guests, and we get emails with their notes for every call that is taken. LaShonne is our point of contact and is amazing; scheduling and sending updates about our properties could not be easier, and it’s clear that the agents are very well trained on the information we provide about our properties. We could not be happier with RealVoice and we highly recommend their service!

Brittany Orr, Property Manager

Folly Vacation

Thanks to RealVoice, we are able to feel at ease knowing our phones will be handled when we are not available. We developed a great partnership with RealVoice, their dedication to learn and continue to learn our specific needs, that can change often, is appreciated

Erain Water

Intracoastal Realty

The Real Voice team and their service offering has been the perfect fit to fill gap service areas within our business and helps us actually deliver 24/7 availability for guests. Having the Real Voice team available to handle our after hours and overflow guest service contact points has been a differentiator in our guest services group. Their ability to have access to our PMS and smart home technology platforms and interface with guests as a member of the Lilmar Team on the ground is second to none. The Real Voice team is always professional and genuinely aims to assist guests and deliver a best in class hospitality experience.

Adam & Beth Witt

Co-Owners of Lilmar Properties

Our experience with RealVoice has been wonderful. With reduced office hours, it is really nice to know that our customers can always get through to someone ready to help.

Casey Burns

Condo Rental

Having RealVoice as our third party virtual assistance has been a lifeline for our property management company during COVID-19. We were right in the height of our ski season when our phones started ringing day and night with guests wanting to move their reservations due to the ski resorts being closed and travel restrictions. Even with our whole staff focused on the calls we were not able to handle the volume. RealVoice services helped us so that every guest call was answered and their needs were heard. The best customer service starts with making sure every call is answered and every guest is heard and RealVoice helped us achieve the goal of exemplary guest services.

Jim Bizily, CEO/Founder

Park City Rental Properties

Real Voice was a business saver during COVID-19. Due to the sudden increase in call volume, it was not possible for us to handle the guests effectively using only our on-site staff. The RealVoice team was amazing at calming and reassuring the guests, while communicating and implementing or ever-changing policies. RealVoice is an essential part of our business every day, but what a blessing that they were here for us during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, RealVoice.

Jennifer Mucha

President Arrived Rentals

In our business we face emergencies everyday from hot tubs not working to refrigerators going out. RealVoice is fully integrated with our team and knows how we respond. different situations. During the COVID-19 crisis we experienced an unusually high number of phone calls. Guests were concerned and wanted to speak with someone. We were thankful to have RealVoice operators already trained and in place to handle such an event. As vacation property managers when never know what the issue will be when we answer a call. Whether it is providing WiFi instructions.- assisting to reschedule during a worldwide pandemic, we love to see notifications from RealVoice because we know our guests spoke to a real person and more times than not the issue was resolved.

David Repka