What do we do? Who is RealVoice?

RealVoice is your own branded omni-channel customer engagement center, a true partner response center where real people interact and engage with inbound calls, texts and emails from real guests through all devices. Where reservations are booked at any hour and your property is sold like you would sell it.

How do you know my property and area?

RealVoice uses advanced methods in data collection, including in-depth interviews with you, to learn how best to sell your property. Once compiled, RealVoice uses an in-house built system called Sell Notes to ensure that our agents (your agents) have what they need to convert calls into revenue.

How do you see and book my inventory?

Because real-time availability is vital, we use your Property Management System or other real-time inventory systems to streamline the booking process. Our sales representatives are trained and well versed in most of the industry’s property management systems and simply login as a member of your team. Real people with real voices booking in real time. No, really.

Are you open 24/7/365?
Yes, RealVoice is here to answer your customers’ calls 24/7/365.
Do you answer using my company's name?
Absolutely, we are an extension of your team.
Do you offer other managers' properties to my prospects?
RealVoice only answers and sells to your company and prospects. We do not cross sell unless it is inside of one of your companies and you instruct us to do so.
Do you follow up on leads?

We absolutely do, if you have leads coming into your office, we can handle them.

Can you handle my after hours and emergency calls?
RealVoice offers a service to handle all of your calls, even after hours and emergencies. We also have a state of the art, in house built system that sends you a ticket summary of the call and what was accomplished. This is based on your emergency call operating procedure.
What's the length of the agreement I have to sign?
Our contracts are based on one year, yet provide flexibility to exit with only 30 days’ notice.
Can I listen to the calls you take?
Real Voice provides access to our partner portal so you can listen any time you want.

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