(Frequently asked questions, but you probably knew that.)

What do you do? Who is RealVoice?

Simply put, it’s the rebirth of the voice. RealVoice is your own branded customer engagement center, a true partner response center where real people interact and engage with inbound calls, texts and emails from real customers through all devices. Where reservations are booked at any hour (we’re looking at you 3 a.m.) and your property is sold like you would sell it.

How do you know my property and area?

RealVoice uses the most advanced methods in data collection, including in-depth interviews with you, to learn how best to sell your property. After all, who knows your property better than you? We also use all available media, including imagery, videos, property/ destination/unit descriptions and prior guest reviews. Plus, other tools like Google Maps Street View, Google Maps and your own website.

How do you see and book my inventory?

Because real-time availability is vital, we use your Property Management System or other real-time inventory systems to streamline the booking process. Our sales representatives are trained and well versed (all in English, by the way) in most of the industry’s property management systems and simply login as a member of your team. Real people with real voices booking in real time. No, really.

Are you open 24/7/365?

You betcha. 24/7/365 (and twice on Sundays).

Do you answer using my company's name?

Absolutely, we are an extension of your team. Hooray for teamwork!

Do you offer other managers' properties to my prospects?

Of course not, that would be pretty mean. We sell your properties to only your prospects, end of story.

Do you follow up on leads?

We absolutely do-if you have leads coming into your office, we can handle them. After all, leads don’t follow up on themselves.

Do you track where the call came from?

We’re glad you asked. We track where the call originates from based on the incoming caller ID. This also allows us provide detail on what marketing campaign the caller may be responding to.

Can you handle my after hours and emergency calls?

RealVoice offers a service to handle all of your calls, even after hours and emergencies (not the “there’s a cat in a tree” – type emergencies though). It doesn’t matter whether they are related to reservations or other colls, like maintenance or housekeeping-related calls.

What's the length of the agreement I have to sign?

We’re so confident in our services, our contracts are based on one year, yet provide flexibility to exit with only 30 days’ notice. What can we say we like pressure. But with our unique benefits that give rebirth to voice, allow convenient customer access across all devices and convert prospects into guests based on real-time availability, why would you want to exit?

Do you capture leads?

We capture leads like superheroes capture bad guys. But not only do we capture leads from inbound calls, we do it for inbound email inquiries, click-to-chat or inbound text messaging. While our goal is to convert those interactions into reservations, if we don’t, we still capture the lead information.

Do you convert leads?

We absolutely do – if you have leads coming in electronically, or from other sources, we can handle them. After all, leads don’t convert themselves.

Can I listen to the calls you take?

Hey, RealVoice is all about voice – and we want you to hear it. That’s why we provide access to our partner portal so you can listen any time you want. Plus, you can make it even more fun by pretending you’re an international spy.

Can you do outbound sales for me?

Yep, and we’ll one-up you here:

  • We’ll perform outbound sales campaigns to engage with recent leads that didn’t convert at the time of the initial engagement.
  • We’ll also reach out to your prospect owners to engage them to become an owner-client to your management company.
Do you send me reports?

You want reports? You got ’em. In fact, there hasn’t been a report that we’ve been asked for that we haven’t been able to deliver. Call volume reports to booking analysis to agent production and a whole lot more.

Do I have to send you all my calls?

Nope, you can send whatever you want-we live in the land of the free after all. However, if you’re one of those quirky types that enjoys maximizing revenue thanks to real voices, real-time booking and all-device access, you might want to experience RealVoice and the power of our conversion all the time.

Can my guests choose a click-to-chat option on my website so they can talk to a RealVoice?

They sure can. After all, sometimes people like to use this cool little feature on their smartphones called “the phone.” Our sales professionals chat with guests and prospects all the time – it’s treated just like any other call.

Do you track marketing sources and source codes?

We do. Just give us what you want tracked and we’ll track it. Oddly enough, in high school, we were voted Most Likely to Track Marketing Sources and Source Codes.

How much does RealVoice cost?

RealVoice is designed to be perfectly aligned with your business. That’s why we provide a pay-for-performance model where you don’t pay unless we capture a reservation for you. Once a reservation is captured, RealVoice charges a small percentage (%) of the booking. After all, why should you pay if the job isn’t done?

Have more questions?

Just give us a call at 877-817-REAL (7325) – hey, talking to people and answering questions is kind of our thing.