How RealVoice Helps Vacation Rental Property Managers, and Hotels Save Staffing & Training Costs 

The hotel and hospitality industry are changing. Consumers want faster response times, and more of them are turning to mobile devices to make their requests. This means businesses must provide 24/7 customer support. However, with rising staffing costs, businesses must be available without hiring and training a new team or interrupting their staff during off hours. The solution? AI-powered chatbots and call centers that can handle common inquiries like booking a room or rescheduling a tour—all with the ease of guest service technology.

What are the staffing benefits of hospitality AI chat and call centers?


  • AI chatbots and call center agents are available 24/7, which reduces after-hours and overnight staffing costs
  • Hospitality engagement can be used on holidays and during peak hours, freeing up on-site staff to manage escalated tasks that can impact revenue. 
  • AI chatbots can answer a large volume of repetitive questions in seconds, preventing employee burnout
  • Call centers and AI chat can be used on holidays and busy weekends, cutting overtime and holiday pay costs

Consumers are demanding quicker response times from businesses.

The hospitality industry is growing rapidly. With this growth comes a need for more customer service support. However, many hotels and vacation rentals have found that staffing levels aren’t adequate to meet their needs as demand increases. 

Additionally, many popular vacation rentals are in remote areas where recruiting and training new staff can be challenging. Desert, mountain, and private beach access can all pose challenges to having readily available on-site staffing. As a result, many hospitality managers have been searching for solutions that can help them provide exceptional customer service while also cutting costs. 

Businesses can reach consumers more quickly on their mobile devices than on their computers.

As more people use their mobile devices and communicate on the go, businesses can reach consumers more quickly on their mobile devices than on their computers. This is one reason why AI chat technology has become so popular in the hospitality industry: it helps hotels and vacation rental guests without having a live staff member on call to respond to text inquiries. AI chat and call centers also reduce training costs for hotel operators and vacation rental property managers.

AI-powered chatbots are the next step in improving staffing in the hotel and hospitality industry.

AI-powered chatbots can run the same hotel and hospitality tasks that you might hire multiple front desk agents to handle. Whether your business is a vacation rental or hotel, an AI chatbot can help guests check in online. This frees up on-site staff to focus on more important tasks, like providing guests a warm and personable welcome, giving tours, and answering questions they may have during their stay.

AI chatbots are great for handling simple tasks like checking in guests and helping them find their rooms (not only does this save time, but it also provides better service). Additionally, some travel companies use AI chatbots as concierges that provide recommendations based on traveler preferences; this type of technology allows businesses to offer personalized experiences without having actual humans working 24/7—which would be costly!

There’s no shortage of ways AI can improve staffing at hotels or vacation rentals – especially since these bots work around the clock, so businesses don’t have to worry about overtime or holiday pay.

AI-powered chatbots and call centers have significantly lower costs than human agents.

AI-powered chatbots can handle more complex customer support requests than human agents. Human agents need to be trained at length before they can answer basic questions about your business, and even then, there are limits to what they can do. On-site staff can become overwhelmed with inquiries during busy times. Peak hours and holiday weekends are usually when on-site staff has the least amount of time to respond to multiple questions. With AI Chat technology, you can train a chatbot in minutes or hours to answer dozens of questions at once. This means that you can get more out of your resources while saving money on training costs and preventing employee burnout.

AI Chat also allows businesses with 24/7 customer support without interrupting staff during off hours. This means that no matter when you receive a question or need assistance with something related to your vacation rental property or hotel, there will always be someone available—no matter what time of day it is!

Chatbots and call centers handle requests like booking a room or rescheduling a tour, freeing up humans for more involved tasks.

With chatbots and call centers handling requests, you’ll be able to focus your human staff on more complex tasks.

Chatbots can handle simple tasks like booking rooms or rescheduling tours, freeing up human staff for more involved work. In addition to handling simple tasks, chatbots can also assist with repetitive tasks that would otherwise bog down your human staff members. For example, if one guest asks about the local attractions or restaurants every day, a chatbot can automatically respond with the same answer each time without any hassle for your employees. They can even provide personalized recommendations based on your customers’ interests! 

AI chat and call centers provide 24/7 customer support without interrupting staff at night or during off hours.

AI chat and call centers are available 24/7, allowing your guests to get answers to their questions or concerns at any hour of the day.

Outsourcing customer service frees up staff to focus on guests during business hours and prevents burnout.

When you’re in the hospitality business, you want your guests to feel like they are being taken care of by humans. The trick is that you can’t always be there for them when they need something. Your hotel or vacation rental likely has a team working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly, but many of these employees have other roles and responsibilities, too.

This is where RealVoice technology comes in: It allows businesses to take advantage of their existing staff while freeing up resources for human interaction during business hours. Since chatbots can handle basic tasks like booking rooms or rescheduling tours without any extra help from an employee, this frees humans from having to deal with those requests at all times of day or night. It also saves money on hiring extra workers just for those specific tasks (which would also require training and payment).

RealVoice’s Call Center & AI Chat Services Drastically Cut Hospitality Staffing and Training Costs

RealVoice’s call center and AI chat services can help your hotel or vacation rentals save on staffing costs. In fact, outsourcing repetitive customer service tasks has proven effective at helping employees increase productivity while reducing costs associated with hiring more staff members or paying overtime wages.

Hospitality AI chat and call centers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to help businesses respond to a large volume of inquiries in seconds. Customers satisfied with fast, responsive service will likely return to your hotel or vacation rental, and repeat business is crucial for a successful hospitality venture. 

If you’re interested in increasing your hotel or vacation rental revenue using our real-time AI chat and call center services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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