Hotels, vacation rentals, and other hospitality companies are always on the hunt for new ways to engage with customers.

AI Chat is one tool that can help your team engage with visitors in real time and move them through your booking funnel faster.

The modern customer not only expects instant gratification in their personal life but also in regard to travel and customer service. Online AI Chat is a convenient and beneficial addition to your website that can help solve guest questions in a timely manner and even motivate them to book.

There are several benefits of using AI chatbots for your vacation rental or hotel customers. Here are five reasons why you should add AI Chat to your website:

1. AI Chat moves visitors from guest experience to guest relationship.

AI Chat is a great addition to hospitality websites. As a hotel or vacation rental owner, you can use it to provide instant support and information to guests who are visiting your site. It’s also an excellent way of creating new relationships with potential customers who may not have thought about booking with you as they were looking for other options online. Real-time conversations help resolve doubts and answer questions instantly. It gives your brand a voice without requiring lengthy calls or emails.

It also gives guests the peace of mind of knowing that support is only a few keystrokes away.

2. AI Chat is budget-friendly.

Time has value. While your competitors may still be plugging away call by call, and their front desk staff is slowly answering emails – your team can be nimble and answer more than one customer at a time.

You may have heard the term “back office” before, but what does it mean? The back office is where the non-customer-facing aspects of business happen–usually behind the scenes or in another location, like an accounting department or HR department. In many cases, these tasks are repetitive and tedious, so they’re often outsourced to third-party companies that specialize in performing them more efficiently at low costs because of scale (hence why some “back offices” are actually just really big computers).

AI chat is currently being used as an alternative way to handle back-office tasks such as reservation inquiries and reservations while saving both staffing costs AND client satisfaction!

It also helps hospitality operators save big on staffing costs. With a 24/7 business cycle, being unable to answer every question at every hour leaves money on the table. Hotel AI chatbots can step in and provide answers late at night and during the wee hours of the morning – helping operators cut overnight staffing costs, overtime, and holiday pay.

This also benefits hospitality staff – while AI Chatbots handle repetitive questions, hotel and vacation rental staff can focus on more complex, labor-intensive tasks. This prevents employee burnout, reduces the potential for human error, and utilizes staffing budgets much more efficiently.

3. AI Chat can easily adapt to your brand.

Engage with website visitors using your property details, logos, and voice to create a seamless guest experience. AI Chat can easily adapt to fit your brand. Hospitality AI chat enables consistent brand voice and communication across all platforms.

Hotels & vacation rentals should add AI Chat software because it enables you to use your property’s branding on each screen of the chatbot software. This ensures that no matter what device a guest is using when they engage with an AI chatbot (whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone), they’ll still see consistent messaging from the hotel or vacation rental — and not have them confused by two different looks or feels for booking inquiries. This also allows for consistency in messaging across multiple channels like social media and email marketing campaigns too!

4. AI Chat encourages guests to follow through with booking, increasing revenue.

Statistics show that 38% of online consumers made a purchase due to a good AI Chat session, and AI Chat can help decrease website abandonment by up to 30%. These kinds of numbers can quickly add up to boosting booking revenue.

In addition to this, the ability for consumers to ask questions about hotels and vacation rentals before completing their bookings will encourage them to follow through with making reservations. AI Chat will be able to answer any inquiries they have about your property, leading these potential customers down a path toward booking with you instead of someone else.

5. AI Chat puts you ahead of the competition.

Check out some of the competition’s websites. Not many are taking advantage of AI Chat yet. Research shows that 79% of customers prefer AI Chat that immediately answers inquiries over long wait times.

AI Chat is a way to make your website more engaging and interactive. It’s also an effective way to get more information about your guests, help them book their stay with you, and keep them coming back for more. It’s easy to use and can be customized based on what your business needs.

AI Chat will likely become even more widespread in the future as more travelers get used to using it on other sites, so don’t wait any longer!


At RealVoice, our AI technology is always improving. As we help dozens of properties provide answers and solutions to their customers, we become increasingly familiar with the most frequently asked questions from guests and perfect our responses daily.

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Are you looking to level up your vacation rental or hotel business with cutting-edge AI Chatbot technology?

Click here to try a demo and learn more about Real AI Pro.